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. in san francisco, kpix5. >> as neighbors wait to find out what is going on under ground some backyards are sinking as the soil under them shifts and people are finding new cracks in the walls of their homes. >>> well, tomorrow, san jose's new $10 minimum wage goes into effect. it was approved by voters last fall. community and labor leaders hope the increase will bring in more business. >> reporter: with a line that looks like this you know these barista's are hard at work and soon their paychecks will better reflect it. >> i am happy about that. >> reporter: he works two min mum wage jobs and still has to borrow money from his parents but thanks to this initiative the min mum wage will go from $8 to $10. giving thousands of workers a raise. >> i know for me, personally, and my friends it makes a big difference. >> reporter: soon, you will see new signs in store front windows encouraging people to spend the extra money they are earning right here in san jose. this is the logo for the new earn and spend campaign that kicks off tomorrow. >> we kno
shot four suspects. officer fist san francisco shot a man who raise aid gun at them. later that day officers chased a man in the streets of san jose before shooting and killing him. several hours later, officers in union city killed a gunman. in each case, the police say they felt as if they were under attack. >> several officers killed this year. you know, at the end of last year, so, yeah it is -- it is disturbing to think that this many people want to take on police officers and kill them or harm them. >> reporter: but, some in the community think officers fear of the public is leading them to shoot too quickly. the police are supposed to protect and serve and watch over us, now it seems like they are watching us rather than watching over us. >> they are all justifying it. it is okay. they did it, we can do it. my own daughter is afraid of the police. >> later this afternoon they identified the driver of the hayward case as a 23-year-old, hayward authorities confirm the passenger was killed by the police gunfire not the crash. >>> the mystery
the two inmates had overpowered 10 guards. in san francisco thousands of people watched the fighting on alcatraz from the safety of the city's hills. >> scene of the bloody battle of alcatraz. the federal penal island surrounded by san francisco bay, here for nearly 40 hours of murderous mutiny, the lighthouse looks down at the setting for the drama of violence and sudden death. >> the pitch battle left 15 guards wounded and two dead. the three inmate ring leaders of the escaped attempt were found dead shot to death in a utility corridor in cell block c. in a gruesome postmortum, prison officials allowed the photographing of the fingerprinting of the men. the battle of alcatraz was over. >>> when we come back on a second look -- >> three bank robbers serving long terms scratched their ways through grills, climbed a pipe and disappeared from the forbidden rock in san francisco bay. it appears to be the first successful escape in the history of the prison. the escape triggered the biggest man hunt in san francisco history as agents of the fbi, sher
treasure island into the city of san francisco. we have team coverage tonight starting with kristen airs who shows us how all this works. kristen. >> that's right. ken, they pushed a button just about two hours ago and just take a look at it. this is the flashiest that the san francisco bay bridge has ever looked at 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high, this is the largest led light structure in the world and tonight we watched it come alive. >> tonight bay bridge sparkled. >> it's gorgeous. i love it. >> illuminated by an electric symphony 25,000 led lights wrapped around 100,000 feet of cable on the bay bridge sfwlit's great the city puts this on, you know, brings positive energy, positive vibe toth city. >> this is the culmination of two and a half years of planning politicking and for artist leo villareal passion. >> it has a very universal quality. almost anyone can see it and have some response to it. >> it took electricians months from october to january to install every last light and after that weeks of comprehensive testing for lighting failures. the result, an $8 million piece of
will run the next four weeks. >> the ads are on ten of muni's 800 buses and san francisco isn't alone. the ads have also appeared in washington, d.c. and chicago. >>> for the world's 1.2 billion catholics, they could have a new leader which -- by the end of the week. the conclave is set to begin. the process shrouded in ritual, tradition and mystery. anyone involved, from the cardinals to their staff, their drivers, even waiters, must swear an oath of secrecy. danielle nottingham is in vatican city. >> reporter: good morning, ken. another rainy morning here in vatican city and the scene is set. 5600 journalists are credentialed and residents are prepared. now it's up to the college of cardinals to deliver the new leader of the catholic church. papal vestments are prepared in the room of tears. just before noon eastern time on tuesday, they will begin their conclave behind the locked doors of the sistine chapel. vatican staff will tend to the cardinals and took an oath to secrecy on monday. the cardinals will certainly be talking to each other
one san francisco neighborhood needs. sinkholes are opening up all over after a big water main break in west portal. homeowners are in an awful mess. >> reporter: it is a heartbreaking situation for this couple. three months ago they bought a beautiful home on 15th avenue, renovated the entire property, then heard the sound of water late tuesday night. it was 30 inches deep in their living room as they finally got downstairs. the city's water line had burst under ground. soil has washed away. homes have been red-tagged as unlivable. but the city is trying to help everyone. >> it's very unsettling. it's a horrible thing. not good. at the same time, we're doing our best to try to be responsive. and i've had a number of the homeowners say they appreciate what we're doing. nobody wants to be through this. we want to work together to get to a good solution for everybody. >> reporter: homeowners are now in the process of temporarily moving out. they've been thanking san francisco's water department employees, calling them very respo
last year. they compared israel's enemies as savages. >> san francisco won't tolerate islamic bigotry. >> the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to look the other way and do nothing. >> when somebody like -- attacks our religion, they attack us. >> i am only using high-profile muslims in their own words. how does that paint every muslim with the same brush? i don't understand that. >> reporter: is it hate speech or free speech? doesn't seem to matter much to muni. >> can i swear on a bus ad? >> depends what you're saying. >> reporter: in this case, muni felt obligated to run the ads because in similar cases, the court ruled that the first amendment applies to such ads. but they decided not to make any revenue on them. >> we're transferring it to the human rights commission to help encourage tolerance. >> reporter: these bus ads will run the next four weeks. >> the ads are on ten of muni's 800 buses and san francisco isn't alone. the ads have also appeared in washington, d.c. and chicago. >>> for the world's 1.2 bi
francisco and oak lands and san jose -- oakland and san jose. it's pouring down there. look at this rainfall. we told you the south bay would be the bull's eye, and it was. now look at this zoomed-in view. san jose, other towns, look at this. north of livermore, nothing, not a drop of rain. and the snow pack is up to 71%, but still 29% below normal. the temperatures are kind of chilly but the cloud cover will level off the lows. concord, 49. san jose, 46. upper level low pressure is on its way out. as i moves to the south -- as it moves to the south, that's why you are getting the rainfall. the low pressure will move away from us now. after that, another week of high pressure, sunshine, and by next week the highs will be in the 70s. showers are ending already from north to south and the rain is completely out of here by tomorrow morning and sunshine this weekend and sunshine coming up next week. high temperatures in the upper 50s, kind of a cold day tomorrow. livermore, 59. san jose, 58. right around 60 for pittsburgh, concord. ber
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below normal for san francisco and san jose. and the dryest start to the year ever in oakland and napa. that's going to change. find out when the rain is coming back, next. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit citi.com/thankyoucards to apply. they found it along the alameda creek trail, in un >>> a group of teenagers made a creepy discovery. part of a human skull was found along the alameda creek trail in union city yesterday. so today an alameda county forensic team went down there and combed the creek bed looking for other remains. investigators say the teeth showed signs of modern dental work. that means that it's probably no
. >>> mother nature pulling a stunt on us. no rainfall. three inches below normal for san francisco and san jose. and the dryest start to the year ever in oakland and na get whatever you want, baby. let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? she's beautiful smart and sensible. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's extra value menu. the simple joy of having more to love. ♪ ♪ people with sore throats have something new to say. ahh ! mmm ! ahh ! finally, there's cepacol sensations. serious sore throat medicine seriously great taste. plus the medicine lasts long after the lozenge is gone. ahh ! mmm ! cepacol sensations. they found it along the alameda creek trail, in un >>> a group of teenagers made a creepy discovery. part of a human skull was found along the alameda creek trail in union city yesterday. so today an alameda county forensic team went down there and combed the creek bed looking for other remains. investigators say the teeth showed signs of modern dental work. that means that it's probably not a skull fragment from an old na
, kpix 5. >>> san francisco mayor ed lee released a statement saying the impact to the city's services, schools and public housing will be in excess of $25 million. >>> sinkholes are not big news in florida. it happens. but no one has seen one like this one. it actually swallowed up a guy while he was sleeping in his own bed. >> i turned into the bedroom, and the only thing i saw was a hole. and the hole took the entire bedroom. >> engineers are calling it unprecedented. they say the 30-foot hole is still growing, making it impossible to recover the man's body. >> and i cannot in good conscious have additional people on this site when i'm being told that it's seriously unstable. so that's the dilemma. >> just to get closure, i guess, make sure he's not dead, see if he's alive. >> that's jeremy bush. he tried to pull his brother out of the hole, but he had to be rescued himself. no one else in the house at the time was hurt. >>> a follow-up to the disgusting mess we showed you on the news last night. piles of garbage and junk lining 35th s
in the old mission. the oldest building in san francisco. in prepared remarks the pope proclaimed the unconditional and ever lasting love of god for all people dwelling at lenghts on sin and forgiveness. he did not mention homosexuality and referred only once to aids. >> too those who -- to those who are sick, to those who are suffering from aids and aids related complex. >> reporter: it's the way the holy father personally moved each one of them what will be remembered. >> now it wasn't as excited when i got married and it was a wonderful day. this was the greatest day in my life, and for brendan. >> this is going to help us on the ordeal we're going through. >> he put his hands on my head and gave me a smile that said yes. that said, god loves you, i love you. >> reporter: earlier in the day, pope john paul began the morning in monterey county where he led a mass for tens of thousands of workers. >> reporter: thousands were given the day off. agustin romo and his family would be getting ready to pick strawberries were it not for the court. >
's an elite quarter, his wallet says. >>> and the brouhaha. the san francisco high school basketball! the boss of sf >>> basketball up top. my gosh! four periods of regulation. not enough to decide the boss of san francisco high school basketball. lincoln, favorites coming in, versus mission. double overtime. antwan porter, tied at 67. and that was beautiful. who shot that? wow. mission wins it 78-71. they are the city champions. >>> all right. no 54-point night for stephen curry against the celtics. warriors down nine. the w is creeping in. look at harrison barnes, finished the break strong. game tied. doc rivers going, hey, man. curry, a complete miss. boston took over. and here comes jordan crawford. dagger! celtics win it. warriors now 1-and-3 on the road trip. >>> ncaa came down hard on the st. mary's gaels and placed them on a four-year probation. among some of the restrictions, a reduction in scholarships, a five-game suspension for head coach randy bennett and bennett cannot recruit off campus the entire next season. a somber
-building event right in the san francisco area for free. plus the opportunity to win your very own income property worth over $50,000 just for attending. you'll also get to hear from past attendees and people who have used dean's strategies to improve their lives. here's your host, cathy rankin. >> i'm really excited about our guest, so i want to get right to it. dean, thanks so much for taking the time to join us today. >> thanks for having me, cathy. >> you're a busy guy. you've been doing this for over 13 years, multiple books new york times bestsellers. why are you now taking live events to specific cities in the country? >> you know, there's a lot of reasons. i do feel blessed that real estate's been my life. i've been doing it for over 22 years. i've helped thousands of people see a bigger future, a better outcome of their life through real estate, but there's never been a better time than right now. and what's sad is real estate is not that cool right now. you know, in '05, '06 when the market was at the top, it was sexy, it was cool. everybody should be a real estate investor and
oakland we look towards san francisco. there's a closer shot from our rooftop to those beautiful bay lights. it is getting cold ouldz. look at you in santa rosa. 38 on your way toth mid 30s tonight. already 42 in concord. in livermore 43. the city is holding on toth heat a little more efficiently. oakland sitting at 51. there's the radar dry now. tomorrow afternoon low pressure passing by to our west. i think those of you down towards san jose, you isle see the most rain and how about snowfall. we're looking at 4 to 8 inches of new snowfall above 3,000 feet. los padres nooshl forest a lookout for the hikers there. we could see half foot of snowfall in the higher elevations. so what are we talking about? front already moved through last night. we got the wind, we got the rain all winter long. that's been it. case closed, no more rain fall. this time we have upper-level low pressure trailing behind it. you see that counter clock wise swirl right there off the southern oregon coastline. pass by almost due south and miss us toth west but it will be close enough to give us widespread rain
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can't come? no, i promised me uncle jackie i'd fly down to san francisco to be with him. you should be with your family now. it's more traditional. except that jackis a transvestite. getting a bit long in the tooth for it, too, if you ask me. thanksgiving he ate too much turkey ie and i had to cut him out of his pantyhose. merry christmas, everybody! lilith isn't sending frederick. why not? he has this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an incredible christmas. a friend of hers has rented a home in austria. why not the u.s.a.? they filmed the sound of music in the house and that's freddie's favorite movie. julie andrews is singing with the salzburg chorale. they're dining with her afterwards and there's some nonsense about a horse-driven sleigh ride and a toboggan a balloon trip through the alps oh, and apparently on their way back they're going to spend an entire day at eurodisneyland. well... at the cabin there's an old stump that the children enjoy kicking. you have to let him go. thanks for pointing out that you know what's right. i was just making sure you did. hod i live wit
! oh, my goodness, she's one of my female chef idols. please welcome executive chef of san francisco's cyrus restaurant douglas keane [applause] douglas, thank you so much for coming. great to be here. absolute pleasure. thanks. our next chef is the executive chef of the amazing providence restaurants michael cimarusti [applause] i'm not a type of person that gets really star-struck but to be standing in the honor of michelin-starred chefs is an amazing thing. here's how our judging's gonna work: each of our three michelin star chefs will award each dish, minimum one, maximum three stars. clearly, the team with the most number of stars will win this challenge. first up, let's go with the monkfish, please. i'm feeling confident in my dish. it's classical it's traditional and i'm thinking "you know, maybe these judges will like it." i have a tarragon couscous with brown butter sauce, seasoned monkfish. then i got quail eggs, but just kind of made it work. it was delicious. well-seasoned. and you cooked the fish perfectly. the quail egg, while it might have seemed like a curve ball at
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)